Right Place Rolfing - Austin, Texas

“An effective human being is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

—Ida P. Rolf

About Me

Welcome to Right Place Rolfing! My name is Kara (or "KB" to many). My passion lies in helping you unlock your body's potential to move freely, easily, and with more energy and grace. Sciatica, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, neck pain, carpal tunnel, low back pain--I look at all of these things as challenges we can meet and engage together to get you back in action.

I personally discovered Rolfing after years of neck and spinal pain and migraines which did not abate with other types of care. When Rolfing addressed my discomfort and corrected some longstanding postural issues, I decided I had to learn the skill myself. I graduated from the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO in 2009 and have been loving my work ever since.

I'm a transplant to Austin from Anchorage, Alaska. When not working, I can be found taking in the music scene; kayaking and paddle boarding on the waterways; and hiking Austin's many trails with my dog, Benson.

Please note the new, convenient "Book Now" below that you can use to schedule our first session together. You will not be charged until the time of the session.*


About Rolfing

Rolfing is unique among other types of bodywork in that it looks at the body as a whole, from the ground up and the inside out. The connective tissue layer of the body is like a web: it connects your muscles and tendons and organs to one another and keeps everything from falling apart. Rolfing works with this connective tissue, or fascia, applying gentle pressure to stretch and lengthen it. In this way we create space for increased flexibility, movement, breath, and freedom from pain. Through this medium, the practitioner works with your body to free blockages in the fascia left behind by injury, accident, surgery, lifelong postural issues and psychological pain.

Who needs Rolfing?

Humans do. Have you ever had a sports injury that didn't quite heal? Surgery that left scar tissue? Sprained an ankle that always feels a little weaker than it used to? Have you ever experienced sciatic or other nerve pain that kept you from being active? Runners, walkers, dancers, writers, cyclists, guitarists, singers, hikers, people who just want to breathe a little easier--Rolfing helps you fit inside your skin more comfortably. It lets your system take the energy it was putting into "sitting/standing up straight" and redirect it into activities and experiences where pain has kept you sidelined.

A Few Words From Kara's Clients

"In NYC, where I live, I have gone to massage therapists, physical therapists and other Rolfers. But whenever I visit Austin, I always book a session with KB at Right Place. It is such a pleasant, relaxing experience to be in the hands of a knowledgeable professional. This time, I went in with Hip-flexor pain and left without any pain--feeling a glow, like I had been to a spa! She is the absolute best!! "

--Janet M.

"Kara is an extremely skilled, gentle, and knowledgable practitioner. I suffer from chronic Lyme disease (and co-infections) along with autoimmune illness which results in a lot of chronic pain and structural issues. Body work has always been a big part of my treatment plan for relief, but Rolfing has totally changed my life. Nothing gives me the amount of relief that Kara's work does. I highly recommend her - and stick to it - your body will love you for it."

--Melissa C.

"As this was my first Rolfing experience, Kara was diligent in explaining the process and even more proficient at carrying it out. I left feeling like a weight had been taken off of my shoulders, both literally and figuratively. I plan on going back. "


"KB continues to provide significant relief from chronic back pain. After stabilizing the immediate sources of pain, KB is now working on a number of issues that have long been contributing to the back issues. It is this holistic approach that makes KB and Rolfing so effective." --Bill M.

"I had several issues that I walked in the door with. Beyond the typical tight neck and shoulders from computer time, I swim, run and do martial arts, despite some body alignment issues. KB was unphased by the list, and incredibly gentle and respectful. I'd call her a "muscle whisperer" if I didn't know that she works with other connective tissue that brings muscles back into balance. Regardless, it was pure bliss to have a session with her and feel my body return to a place of balance. " --Barbra R.

"Yesterday was my first appointment with Kara which began with the customary sharing of information about my body: history of injuries, day-to-day usage and goals for this and future sessions. Throughout this initial consultation, Kara was a good listener and had lots of good questions for me. Kara's hands-on work was exactly what I hoped for: intuitive, knowledgable and deep in a functional and satisfying way. I look forward to receiving her work again soon!" --T.S.

Rolfing is a journey from imbalance to ease.

Contrary to popular belief, the work is gentle and precise, achieving noticeable results without intense pain.

Stretching the fascia feels good, like ridding yourself of a wetsuit that is one size too small.

Benson the therapy dog waiting patiently for a client.

*Please note that I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. This is because I often tend to book several weeks out. If for some reason you cannot make your appointment, please call at least a day ahead so that I can give your spot to someone else who may be waiting to get in. Appointments cancelled under the 24-hour period will be subject to payment in full.