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“An effective human being is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

—Ida P. Rolf

Additional Client Testimonials

"I have had chronic pain in my back and neck for over 15 years. I have tried massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care but nothing was the right fit. I had heard about Rolfing and tried a few different practitioners but found them to be too harsh to the touch and the therapy was too painful for me to sustain the work for more than a session or two here and there. K.B. has a unique, gentler Rolfing technique that I had not experienced anywhere else; gentle yet effective. I left my sessions feeling aligned and refreshed. She is very knowledgeable about the body and the work of Ida Rolf so our sessions were not only physically rewarding but mentally and intellectually stimulating as well. I know your time spent with K.B. will be well worth the investment in yourself and your health, on multiple levels. (Plus she has a really cool dog who hangs around the office sometimes.)"

-L.K., Right Place Rolfing client

“I have been treated by Kara at both her private practice and through my chiropractor and have received what I believe to be outstanding help in both instances. As a member of the growing legion of aging athletes I know I must use anything I can in order to keep on participating in an active lifestyle. Kara has a passion for her work and is very attentive to my body's responsiveness when treating a number of soccer related injuries. This past summer after breaking some ribs I was unable to breathe fully for over a month. After Kara had made sure I was able to handle some manipulation she worked on me for one hour and freed up my thoracic spine and ribcage such that I left able to take a full breath with no pain at all. It truly was miraculous and I jokingly referred to her as a witch after that. I'm amazed that someone can be so in tune to my body and what needs to be done to help me, but Kara does it with regularity. She has helped me with a sciatic issue, lower back pain, neck pain, and various issues with my legs from soccer. I have been to several other Rolfers since I discovered the (treatment, method, practice, take your pick) over a decade ago and Kara has been the most helpful to me. I would not hesitate to give her my highest recommendation.”

—Craig, Right Place Rolfing client

“I was totally new to Rolfing when I signed up for a Ten Series from Kara Imle. I was so impressed with the total body connection and the deep tissue manipulation. Each treatment was extremely helpful with the aches and pains, as well as the total relaxation they brought. I would highly recommend Rolfing with Ms. Imle for feeling years younger.”

—Jacquie, Right Place Rolfing client

“In June of 2012 I managed to crash my bicycle and sustained significant injuries. I had a skull fracture, a broken acromion, a dislocated rib, contusions everywhere, and 40 stitches in my forehead and face.

“I called Kara and she immediately made time to see me. Through the course of numerous Rolfing sessions, Kara helped put me back together. She carefully worked with me to address each injury and all of the weird things that my joints and muscles and tendons were doing to compensate for those injuries. She was consistently kind, professional, and effective in her interactions with me. Under her care, I recovered more completely and more quickly than I ever could have hoped.

“I was most surprised by her ability to help address the psychological damage I sustained. Her demeanor, her confidence, her generous spirit, and her amazing ability to understand and relate to me did as much to heal me as her hands and her elbows. She is a remarkable Rolfer, a remarkable healer, and a remarkable person. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

—Jeff, Right Place Rolfing Client

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